A modern enterprise for the production of non-sterile pharmaceuticals in solid dosage and liquid non-sterile oral dosage forms.

    The Kusum Farm plant produces generic medicines of different pharmacological groups, many of which have been absent in the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market in the past. It should be emphasized that the medicines that are manufactured at the factory are modern, highly effective and safe generic drugs. Many drugs have a modified delivery system.

    Kusum Farm Ltd. specializes in the development and production of medicines intended for the treatment of patients with cardiovascular, gastroenterological and endocrine (in particular, diabetes) diseases. As you know, these diseases are the most common in Ukraine.

    So, today more than 60 medicines of production of LLC “Kusum Farm” have been registered in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
    The plant has installed modern equipment for the production of solid and liquid dosage forms (tablets, coated and uncoated; suspensions, capsules, granules) and modern packaging equipment, which allows packaging preparations in blisters, strips, sachets, vials.

    The production of the plant is licensed by the State Drugs Service of Ukraine.

    The company has developed and implemented an EU GMP / GLP quality assurance system that enables the production of quality, effective and safe preparations in accordance with international standards at all stages of production, including quality control of raw materials and starting materials, packaging, intermediates and end products.

    The quality control department of Kusum Farm LLC has been certified by the State Service for Medicinal Products of Ukraine.

    The success of the company is based on the quality, efficiency and safety of the manufactured pharmaceutical products, a high level of quality and business standards, and an adequate level of service for end consumers.


    In India, our production facilities are located in the cities of Bhiwadi and Pitampur. The production is certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, it produces tablets, granules, topical liquids, creams, ointments, suppositories based on shampoo and wax and pessaries. We adhere to GMP practice and proper documentation, which guarantees the stable quality of our medicines.

    The production and supply of quality medicines is our responsibility and habit.

    Kusum adheres to strict quality standards in all production processes to guarantee the highest quality of medicines. Inspections are carried out at all stages of the production cycle of the product, starting from the purchase of raw materials and ending with sending finished products to the market.

    We have passed more than 60 audits of regulatory and supervisory authorities of different countries of the world.