Dosage form :
    PBX class :
    Active substance :
    Consist :

    Each gram contains Fluconazole 5 mg (0.5% w/w)

    Dosage and Administration :

    Fluconazole (Flusum®) should be applied once in a day, using gentle massage on the affected skin and the immediate surrounding area. In internal areas should be applied in small quantities and spread well to avoid phenomena of maceration.

    The duration of treatment required for healing varies with etiological agent responsible for the infection. Treatment of 1-3 weeks is usually sufficient for healing in most patients. Particularly with resistant forms, the treatment period may be extended upto 6 weeks depending on the decision of the doctor.

    Indications for use:
    Fluconazole (Flusum®) is indicated in the treatment of dermatomycoses caused by dermatophytes, yeasts and molds; in particularly Tinea pedis, Tinea curis, Tinea versicolor and infections of Candida.